Your Benefits as a Member

Thank you for your interest in the IAKS!

Some say that our interdisciplinary objectivity is important. For others it is the major international network that counts.

The IAKS is a meeting place for architects, engineers, clients, designers, local authority decision-makers, technical and operative management, sports federations and clubs.

All members are united by their interest to create high-grade, functional and sustainable sports facilities worldwide.

Membership for:

Architects or Engineers

Companies from the sports facility industry

Institutions from the public sector, science, sport



Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How do I become a member of the IAKS?
It’s quite simple. You choose one of the three member categories and send us your filled-in membership application. Membership is subject to the Rules of the IAKS and the fee scale.
How much is the annual membership fee?
Ordinary, voting members
- Individuals            96 Euro

- Organisations, federations or institutions under public or private law from the public sector, science and sport        330 Euro

- Organisations under private law from the commercial sector  436 Euro

- Supporting members or sponsors pay a fee that depends individually on the IAKS services agreed in the sponsorship agreement. Supporting members or sponsors receive additional services from the IAKS, e.g. industry-related studies or PR services.

Students            free of charge

Extraordinary membership
Those interested in membership of the IAKS who do not want ordinary membership from the outset, e.g. job starters or students, can initially become extraordinary members of the IAKS without voting rights.
Extraordinary membership is limited to a maximum of two full calendar years. This membership is thereafter converted into non-time-limited ordinary membership. Extraordinary members pay only 50% of the fee rate applicable to ordinary members.

Members in developing nations
Members in the developing nations recognised by the World Bank pay only 50% of the fee rates applicable to ordinary and extraordinary members.

Members in Switzerland or Russia
Prospective members living in Switzerland or Russia should contact their local IAKS section about the special terms of IAKS membership available: and
What happens then?
You receive confirmation of membership from the IAKS as well as the respective invoice. After paying your membership fee, you are a fully fledged member of the IAKS and will benefit from the services of the IAKS
How can I pay my membership fee?
Please pay the sum into the account quoted on the fee invoice. For payments from outside the European Union, we advise payment by credit card or by Paypal.
How long lasts the membership?
Membership is always for a calendar year. Accordingly to the IAKS rules your membership will be extended year by year unless you inform us that you would like to terminate the membership. Notice of at least one month from the end of the calendar year must be given by writing.

The membership fee is charged at the beginning of the calendar year (or at the time of joining in the course of the year).
How can I actively contribute to the IAKS network?
As a new member, we welcome you with the publication of your brief profile in the current Newsletter and in the next issue of our magazine “sb”.

Your current contact data appear in the member database freely selectable for all potential business partners on the IAKS website.

Those interested can find out all about your latest news. Post news in brief with your profile.

Find out all you need to know: read “sb”, the leading international specialised magazine for the architecture, construction and operation of sports facilities. Available in print and online issues.

Make use of the IAKS logo for your public relations – on your business stationery, business cards, brochures and at trade fairs.

Make use of the diverse national and international IAKS events for training and broadening your horizons.

Your vote counts: at the General Meeting taking place every two years, experts meet for an exchange of views and pass resolutions.

The IAKS network offers your valuable business contacts. Get to know new solutions for your interests and projects. Take advantage of our diversity.