Ice maker training

Ice Maker Training takes place every two years in the uneven years. The two-day events are devoted to current themes, problem areas and trends in artificial ice rinks and look at refrigeration plant, ice care, rights and duties, safety, ice making equipment, standardization, operating equipment and sound systems. They are international in character and are targeted at the plant managers and employees of artificial ice rinks. Those attending are also given the opportunity to find out about innovations from manufacturers at an international product exhibition. A demonstration of ice making equipment is also carried out with information on ice structure and ice care.

What are the principles of refrigeration technology and how can energy be saved? What planning and operating strategies have proven effective? What methods exist for physical water treatment? What points have to be taken into account when putting a sports facility to multi-purpose use? How can room acoustics and acoustic engineering be improved?

Next Event:

Regensburg (Germany), 25. to 27. April 2017

Last Event:

Willingen (Germany), 28 to 30 April 2015